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Isn’t it rather strange?

Health care professionals who are not yet vaccinated against Covid-19?
Teachers who are not yet vaccinated against Covid-19?

OK, I understand there are some people who cannot go near a vaccine. For medical reasons. But they are few. And, anyway, most of them do not ‘belong’ to this line of work.

But the rest? What is it which prevents them from getting the jab?
The ‘mandatory’ part?
Why do I care about it being mandatory if it saves my life?

Am I being oppressed for having to breathe in order to live?

Am I feeling oppressed for having to work – as in being useful for other people, in order to lead a decent life?

Is this the real reason for which so many of us, teachers and health care professionals included, refuse the vaccine?

‘I am not going to sacrifice my health for the misconceptions and irrational fears of others.’

I don’t care about anybody else but me?!?

Only time can judge this.

Which was smarter.
To accept the vaccine – and contribute to the general well being, assuming the non-0 risk involved.
Or to weather the storm. Hoping the pandemic will die on its own. And/or that enough of the others will get the jab.

But to find out what time will have decided, each of us must live. Must survive the pandemic.

And here’s the catch.
The strongest amongst us will survive. Without a mask. Without a vaccine.
While many of those who didn’t have to die will have gone under.

But what kind of a world will that be?

Dog eat dog?

Are we OK with that?
Is this what we want to leave behind?

The difference between us and the rest is that we can choose.
People – humans, that is, are capable of deciding things while the rest of the animals use simpler mechanisms of determining the way forward.

The ability to decide has consequences.
The most important being ‘responsibility’.
The most common being ‘blame’.

When confronted with ‘uncomfortable’ consequences of the decision making process, people get to choose between blame and responsibility.
Between apportioning blame – and feeling better, and determining responsibility.

I’ve long ago given up ‘blame’.
Because blame is driven by emotion. Hence blinds the blamers. Prevents them from checking all the angles. Prevents them from getting as close to the reality as possible.

Let’s go back to the current pandemic.
A large number of people have not yet been immunized against Covid -19, despite the vaccine being widely available. In certain ‘jurisdictions’…

Because each of the yet unvaccinated has chosen to pass the opportunity?
Or because so much ‘dubious’ information has been floated around that it has almost drowned the sensible voices?

Should we blame the as yet unconvinced or should we ask ourselves what’s going on in the heads of the ‘gaslighters’?

Facts are clear.

WSJ is a highly reputable source, the information is old enough – if ‘fake’ it would have already been ‘debugged’,…
Then why isn’t this being hammered down our throats? Constantly?

The vaccine which had been used was Chinese?

Let’s make the same experiment using one of ours!
It has been already done?
Let’s hear about it!

We are in the middle of a pandemic.
Which will continue until we’ll build ‘herd immunity’. Which can be achieved through vaccination or by surviving the disease. Surviving the disease takes longer and costs way more than the vaccine. Lives lost, money spent for health care and money lost because of business interruptions.
And if we don’t build herd immunity fast enough, the virus might mutate into a new one. And we’ll be back to the square one.

The only section of the society which has anything to gain from our reticence to get the vaccine is BigPharma.
They are the ones who will eventually come up with a vaccine for the new strain of virus.
They are the ones providing the treatment given to the infected patients. They are the ones providing the tests.

Want to give the finger to BigPharma?

Go out there and get the jab!


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As much as I love writing, I do have to eat.
And to provide for my family.
Earning money takes time.
If you’d like me to write more, and on a more regular basis, hit the button.
Your contribution will be appreciated!

As much as I love writing, I do have to eat.
And to provide for my family.
Earning money takes time.
If you’d like me to write more, and on a more regular basis, hit the button.
Your contribution will be appreciated!

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Suntem sănătoși?

La cap?…. că la plămâni e clar!

Attempting to value individualism over collectivism is similar to trying to establish which came first, the chicken or the egg.

Having experienced both – collectivism and individualism put in practice as political principles, I have noticed that neither extreme is capable of working in a sustainable manner.

Communist regimes had fallen one after another.
Fascist regimes did the very same thing.
Pirate republics could never resist for long.

Coming back to what is happening in the US, I’m afraid very few people are aware of how much collective thinking had been embedded in the American Psyche. The good kind of collective thinking…
Americans go to church. A place where you go to to be together, not alone.
Americans used to help each-other. Charity used to be a big thing. Slowly, it had become a dirty word.
And so on.

Individuals can not exist on their own. They need each other to survive. And to thrive.
Collectives can not last for long unless the individuals who constitute them do respect each-other. Help each-other maintain and develop their individuality.

As simple as that.

Imagine having a festering boil. On your ass, for good measure.
You may take to the doctor, for treatment.
Or you may wait, hoping your organism will be strong enough to heal itself.
This being your call.
Nobody else but you has anything to say about this situation.
Let’s say you have chosen to go to the hospital.
Once there, the matter has gotten somewhat ‘out of your hands’. You still have the last word but the doctor calls the more important shots. Pun indended, of course.
He can simply open up the boil, put you on a course of antibiotics and send you home.
He might decide to check you up and see whether the boil is a symptom of something deeper.
He might attempt to rip you off by ordering, all at once, a host of complex tests and of fancy treatments.
Or all at once.
Cut up your boil, set you on a course of antibiotics, order a decent set of tests and still rip you off.
‘Is there a point to all these?’
How the ‘good’ doctor will choose to treat you is the consequence of how you have chosen him. And of how the community you belong to had chosen to organise its health system.
But the more consequential decision, whether to go to the doctor in the first place, is yours.
I’m not going to analyse the factors you have to balance – we’d go back to how the community you belong to had chosen to organise its health system.
I’m only going to parade the possible outcomes.
A nice scar on your butt and a decent tab for you – or for your insurer, to pick up on your way out.
Acompanied, hopefully, by an otherwise clean bill of health.
A nice scar, and a clean bill of health, accompanied by an outrageous invoice.
These being the ‘good’ outcomes.
The doctor might find out, after reading the test results, that you also have, say, a blood disease. One perfectly treatable by modern medicine. But which would have easily killed you if you had waited much longer.
The doctor might also find out, after reading the test results, that the boil is the symptom of an incurable disease. One which will kill you for sure. Only now you’ll die in the relative comfort of the available paliative treatment you can afford.
Or you might choose to nurse your boil at home.
Get out fine. And a lot cheaper!
Die of an apparently unrelated disease six months later.
Or pass out because of a sepsis which had eventually became untreatable. Due to your own prevarications….
‘And what has the boil on my ass to do with Covid?!?’
Covid is a boil on our collective ass.
We might decide to treat it ‘on the go’, hoping that on the ‘other side’ our lives will return to normal.
Or we might decide to use it as an opportunity!
An opportunity to clean up our act….

Soția mea a avut Covid. Covid 19!

Un coleg a avut ceva simptome. Nu foarte clare. Soția mea a început să mă ocolească prin casă.
Colegul a primit rezultatul. Era pozitiv.
Cu toate ca nu erau îndeplinite toate condițiile pentru ‘contact direct’, soția mea a făcut un test. PCR. Care a ieșit pozitiv.

A avut și ceva simptome. Nu grave, doar multe. Un pic de răgușeală, niște durere de cap, multă oboseală, amorțeli – astea încă nu i-au trecut de tot, la o lună de când a ieșit din carantină. Discomfort gastric…

Primul drum pe care l-am făcut atunci când am putut ieși din casă a fost la analize. De anticorpi, de data asta. Ea are, eu nu. N-am avut simptome, n-am dormit în același pat din momentul în care ea a bănuit ceva, ne-am păzit cât am putut.

Am povestit toate astea ca un argument pentru cât de ‘inconsecventă’ este infecția asta. O iei de la un coleg cu care nu lucrezi în același birou – 5 la număr, toți ‘pozitivi’ și toți cu simptome, și n-o dai soțului. La unii se manifestă ca o răceală, alții stau cinci zile pe oxigen…

Și ca un preambul la ceea ce urmează:

După ce ne-am întors de la analize, eu m-am dus la cumpărături. În Hala Obor.
Era exact în prima zi în care fuseseră închise piețele agro-alimentare care nu erau ‘în spațiu liber’. Hala Obor rămăsese deschise pentru că are pereți laterali ‘ghilotină’. Administratorii au ridicat pereții, vânzătorii au dârdâit dar piața a rămas deschisă.
La etaj e un fel de mall. Standuri închiriate de diverse firme care vând mâncare. Și ‘conexe’. Cafea, condimente, vinuri…
Cu cei de la condimente sunt ‘prieten.’ Cumpăr de la ei de atât de multă vreme încât relația, și ‘discuția’, e mai complexă decât cea dintre un client obișnuit și un comerciant. Subiectul zilei, firește, era ‘închiderea piețelor’.

„Fu@-$i gura mă-sii nenorocitului ăsta de Iohannis!!! Cine ești tu să-nchizi piețele, mă!?!”

Noul venit, care tocmai se băgase în discuție, vocifera de la mai puțin de jumătate de metru de mine. Masca pusă sub nas iar el intrase în magazin cu toate că pe ușă scria clar ‘doar unul câte unul’ Mă retrag, cât de mult îmi permite spațiul, și întreb:

„Știți că guvernul a închis piețele, nu președintele?”

„Să-l f#% în gură și pe Orban!”

„Nu cumva avem și noi o responsabilitate în toată chestia asta? Poate că dacă respectam cu mai multă grijă măsurile de prevenție nu se îmbolnăvea atâta lume. Și nu mai era nevoie să fie închise piețele…”

„Ia mai lasă-mă dom-le cu covidu’! Doar bolnavii mor din chestia asta!”

„Nu vă supărați, dumneavoastră câți ani aveți?”

„75! Și, după cum vezi, sunt sănătos tun!”

Avea doar vreo 20 de kile-n plus… Și eu care abia ieșisem din carantină…

N-am relatat întâmplarea până acum pentru că încă se încrețește pielea pe mine!
Să-ți vezi soția făcându-și bagajul pentru spital – ‘să fie acolo dacă o fi nevoie’…
Să auzi o persoană de 75 de ani afirmând ritos „doar bolnavii mor” atunci când jumătate din paturile de la ATI sunt ocupate de o boală înfecțioasă despre care nu auzisem acum un an și pentru care încă nu există tratament/vaccin…

Tocmai am citit o postare. Pe un blog.
„Cronici pe bune”…

Caterinca nationala numita carantinarea zonelor de langa Bucuresti.

‘Guvernul, (cel actual, firește) a mai făcut o prostie. Nimeni nu știe câți oameni trăiesc cu adevărat în comunele suburbane dar actualii guvernanți carantinează localitățile plecând de la cifrele vechi. Care nu mai au nici o legătură cu realitatea.’

Logica mi se pare perfectă.
Nu știm câți sunt – pentru că nimeni nu se ostenește să-și facă mutația, dar știm ‘noi’ că sunt mai mulți decât erau mai demult….

Hai să vorbim și despre lucrurile pe care le știm.
Numărul de infectați. Care e clar că e mare.
Și despre care știm unde locuiesc. Pentru că și-au arătat buletinele…

Și de ce s-or fi infectat oamenii aștia?

Nota bene!
Acum nu vorbim despre vinovății individuale!
Acum analizăm comportamente sociale.
Aici este vorba despre ce facem noi, toți, ‘la gramadă’!

Iar explicația științifică pentru ‘transmisia comunitară’ este comportamentul inadecvat condițiilor pandemice.
Pe românește, ne infectăm unii de la alții pentru că nu purtăm corect masca, ne înghesuim ca oile, nu ne spălăm suficient pe mâini și nu stăm liniștiți acasă atunci când avem simptome!

Simplu, nu?

Iar pentru că, vorba lui Nichita Stănescu, cineva trebuia să poarte o vină…

Și uite-așa guvernul mai primește o palmă…
Noi nu ne declarăm corect domiciliul, noi nu suntem în stare să ne păzim unii pe ceilalți – sau unii DE ceilalți?!?, iar guvernul este cel care primește înjurăturile…

Când o să înțelegem odată că ‘guvernul’, oricare o fi el, nu poate face mai mult pentru noi decât suntem noi dispuși să facem unul pentru celălalt?
Pentru simplul motiv că guvernul este făcut tot din – și de către, oameni.
De oameni din rândul nostru. După chipul și asemănarea noastră…

Aleși de către noi, dintre noi.

Now, not to mention her in the same breath, but Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy,” he said. “I finished it. I finished it. You know what I mean, President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period. Now we all want to get back to making America strong and great again. Thank you.

Thank you everyone for your support and prayers as Candy and I battled COVID-19…. I have several co-morbidities and after a brief period when I only experienced minor discomfort, the symptoms accelerated and I became desperately ill. President Trump was following my condition and cleared me for the monoclonal antibody therapy that he had previously received, which I am convinced saved my life. President Trump, the fabulous White House medical team, and the phenomenal doctors at Walter Reed have been paying very close attention to my health and I do believe I am out of the woods at this point. I am hopeful that we can stop playing politics with medicine and instead combine our efforts and goodwill for the good of all people. While I am blessed to have the best medical care in the world (and I am convinced it saved my life), we must prioritize getting comparable treatments and care to everyone as soon as possible.

Lewandowski is the latest person to test positive for the virus after attended last week’s Election Night party at the White House. His diagnosis follows chief of staff Mark Meadows and Housing, Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and several White House staffers.

“Don Jr is the second of the president’s children to test positive.”

Romanians have a proverb.
‘Each of us makes his own bed’.
Like all other popular sayings, this one is only partially true.
In many cases – in most, actually, our individual ‘leeway’ is limited by those who are higher than us.
In many cases, again, those decision makers have climbed there with our full ‘blessing’.
In a sense, the above mentioned proverb is true on more than one ‘levels…’

As some of you might already know, two weeks ago my wife tested positive.
Hence we had to spend 14 days in isolation.
During which we had some interaction with the government bureaucracy. Through mail and telephone.

Meanwhile we witnessed, with an even keener than before interest, the public discussion about the whole thing.

Here’s what I learned.

The government bureaucracy, no matter how well intended its members might be – many of them on temporary positions, as expected during an emergency, is very close to the brink.
Meanwhile, the public – at least too many of those sharing their thoughts on FB, is still far from realizing the depth of the crises.

And here’s what I experienced.

Not knowing what’s going to happen to you is the worst thing.
Not knowing what’s going to happen to those you love is even worse.

Because you’re so busy worrying, you’re practically useless.
OK, you know statistics are on your side.
But statistics are not infallible. Hence ‘what if?’!

On top of being worried for your own, and your family’s, fate, comes the ‘political’ incertitude.
That sowed by the ‘naysayers’. And trafficked by the equally worried citizens. Specially by those who find themselves backing the opposition.

Things like ‘the mask is no good’. From ‘the mask cannot protect you’ to ‘the mask is a nuisance’ and ending with ‘the mask is dangerous’.
And besides being ‘no good’, the ‘mandate to wear one in public infringes upon our human rights’!

On top of that, the naysayers attempt to convince us that ‘we’re on our own’! That ‘government will not lift a finger to help us!’.
That its entire attention is focused on serving the ‘special interests’ which control it.

For all it’s worth, here’s my ‘official position’ on the matter.

We’re indeed on our own.
As we’ve always been!
The ‘government’ – all governments, is composed of humans.
Of people, like you and me.
Hence no government will ever be willing to do more for us than we are willing to do for our neighbors!

We are the ones who need to survive.
Because in order to thrive – as we all wish, we need to survive first!
As a fully functional social organism, mind you.
Hence we are the ones who need to start doing things!

And the first thing we need to do is to determine what comes first.
Our right to walk without wearing a ‘muzzle’?
Or our right to protect each other against a disruptive virus!

Being married doesn’t come with such a huge array of ‘perks’.
Specially when you know how to cook a meal. Wash your underwear. Use the vacuum cleaner. Own a dishwasher…

The main ‘attraction’, for me, being the presence of the person I married.
The daily interaction with her.
Sex included!

No, we don’t have it every day! It would be nice but we’re not sexual athletes…
Which brings me to the point I was trying to make.

We’re currently isolating because of Covid.
She had lunch with some of her coworkers, one of them had it – a-symptomatically at that moment, and now all of them are quarantined. Rather mild symptoms for all of them, a week into the whole thing.

‘Isolating’ means that we no longer share a bed. That we no longer eat together. That when we need to talk to each other we wear masks and stand as far apart as the geography of the room allows it.
And, of course, no sex!

Which, for both of us, is a real loss! Specially for me…
I’m almost 60 now. I don’t expect to remain ‘fully functional’ for very long.
Five more years? That would be some 250 weeks…
Loosing two of them for nothing isn’t my idea of a ‘fair deal’!

Hope I made you laugh. Or at least smile.
Even if this isn’t a laughing matter!

Put your mask on!