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Tocmai am citit o postare. Pe un blog.
„Cronici pe bune”…

Caterinca nationala numita carantinarea zonelor de langa Bucuresti.

‘Guvernul, (cel actual, firește) a mai făcut o prostie. Nimeni nu știe câți oameni trăiesc cu adevărat în comunele suburbane dar actualii guvernanți carantinează localitățile plecând de la cifrele vechi. Care nu mai au nici o legătură cu realitatea.’

Logica mi se pare perfectă.
Nu știm câți sunt – pentru că nimeni nu se ostenește să-și facă mutația, dar știm ‘noi’ că sunt mai mulți decât erau mai demult….

Hai să vorbim și despre lucrurile pe care le știm.
Numărul de infectați. Care e clar că e mare.
Și despre care știm unde locuiesc. Pentru că și-au arătat buletinele…

Și de ce s-or fi infectat oamenii aștia?

Nota bene!
Acum nu vorbim despre vinovății individuale!
Acum analizăm comportamente sociale.
Aici este vorba despre ce facem noi, toți, ‘la gramadă’!

Iar explicația științifică pentru ‘transmisia comunitară’ este comportamentul inadecvat condițiilor pandemice.
Pe românește, ne infectăm unii de la alții pentru că nu purtăm corect masca, ne înghesuim ca oile, nu ne spălăm suficient pe mâini și nu stăm liniștiți acasă atunci când avem simptome!

Simplu, nu?

Iar pentru că, vorba lui Nichita Stănescu, cineva trebuia să poarte o vină…

Și uite-așa guvernul mai primește o palmă…
Noi nu ne declarăm corect domiciliul, noi nu suntem în stare să ne păzim unii pe ceilalți – sau unii DE ceilalți?!?, iar guvernul este cel care primește înjurăturile…

Când o să înțelegem odată că ‘guvernul’, oricare o fi el, nu poate face mai mult pentru noi decât suntem noi dispuși să facem unul pentru celălalt?
Pentru simplul motiv că guvernul este făcut tot din – și de către, oameni.
De oameni din rândul nostru. După chipul și asemănarea noastră…

Aleși de către noi, dintre noi.

Now, not to mention her in the same breath, but Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy,” he said. “I finished it. I finished it. You know what I mean, President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period. Now we all want to get back to making America strong and great again. Thank you.

Thank you everyone for your support and prayers as Candy and I battled COVID-19…. I have several co-morbidities and after a brief period when I only experienced minor discomfort, the symptoms accelerated and I became desperately ill. President Trump was following my condition and cleared me for the monoclonal antibody therapy that he had previously received, which I am convinced saved my life. President Trump, the fabulous White House medical team, and the phenomenal doctors at Walter Reed have been paying very close attention to my health and I do believe I am out of the woods at this point. I am hopeful that we can stop playing politics with medicine and instead combine our efforts and goodwill for the good of all people. While I am blessed to have the best medical care in the world (and I am convinced it saved my life), we must prioritize getting comparable treatments and care to everyone as soon as possible.

Lewandowski is the latest person to test positive for the virus after attended last week’s Election Night party at the White House. His diagnosis follows chief of staff Mark Meadows and Housing, Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and several White House staffers.

“Don Jr is the second of the president’s children to test positive.”

Romanians have a proverb.
‘Each of us makes his own bed’.
Like all other popular sayings, this one is only partially true.
In many cases – in most, actually, our individual ‘leeway’ is limited by those who are higher than us.
In many cases, again, those decision makers have climbed there with our full ‘blessing’.
In a sense, the above mentioned proverb is true on more than one ‘levels…’

As some of you might already know, two weeks ago my wife tested positive.
Hence we had to spend 14 days in isolation.
During which we had some interaction with the government bureaucracy. Through mail and telephone.

Meanwhile we witnessed, with an even keener than before interest, the public discussion about the whole thing.

Here’s what I learned.

The government bureaucracy, no matter how well intended its members might be – many of them on temporary positions, as expected during an emergency, is very close to the brink.
Meanwhile, the public – at least too many of those sharing their thoughts on FB, is still far from realizing the depth of the crises.

And here’s what I experienced.

Not knowing what’s going to happen to you is the worst thing.
Not knowing what’s going to happen to those you love is even worse.

Because you’re so busy worrying, you’re practically useless.
OK, you know statistics are on your side.
But statistics are not infallible. Hence ‘what if?’!

On top of being worried for your own, and your family’s, fate, comes the ‘political’ incertitude.
That sowed by the ‘naysayers’. And trafficked by the equally worried citizens. Specially by those who find themselves backing the opposition.

Things like ‘the mask is no good’. From ‘the mask cannot protect you’ to ‘the mask is a nuisance’ and ending with ‘the mask is dangerous’.
And besides being ‘no good’, the ‘mandate to wear one in public infringes upon our human rights’!

On top of that, the naysayers attempt to convince us that ‘we’re on our own’! That ‘government will not lift a finger to help us!’.
That its entire attention is focused on serving the ‘special interests’ which control it.

For all it’s worth, here’s my ‘official position’ on the matter.

We’re indeed on our own.
As we’ve always been!
The ‘government’ – all governments, is composed of humans.
Of people, like you and me.
Hence no government will ever be willing to do more for us than we are willing to do for our neighbors!

We are the ones who need to survive.
Because in order to thrive – as we all wish, we need to survive first!
As a fully functional social organism, mind you.
Hence we are the ones who need to start doing things!

And the first thing we need to do is to determine what comes first.
Our right to walk without wearing a ‘muzzle’?
Or our right to protect each other against a disruptive virus!

Being married doesn’t come with such a huge array of ‘perks’.
Specially when you know how to cook a meal. Wash your underwear. Use the vacuum cleaner. Own a dishwasher…

The main ‘attraction’, for me, being the presence of the person I married.
The daily interaction with her.
Sex included!

No, we don’t have it every day! It would be nice but we’re not sexual athletes…
Which brings me to the point I was trying to make.

We’re currently isolating because of Covid.
She had lunch with some of her coworkers, one of them had it – a-symptomatically at that moment, and now all of them are quarantined. Rather mild symptoms for all of them, a week into the whole thing.

‘Isolating’ means that we no longer share a bed. That we no longer eat together. That when we need to talk to each other we wear masks and stand as far apart as the geography of the room allows it.
And, of course, no sex!

Which, for both of us, is a real loss! Specially for me…
I’m almost 60 now. I don’t expect to remain ‘fully functional’ for very long.
Five more years? That would be some 250 weeks…
Loosing two of them for nothing isn’t my idea of a ‘fair deal’!

Hope I made you laugh. Or at least smile.
Even if this isn’t a laughing matter!

Put your mask on!

There’s one thing shared by both parties who currently pull on the proverbial ‘bone of contention’ – whatever that is. Except for the ‘bone’ itself, of course.

Both parties consider the ‘others’ as being stupid. Stupid enough to ‘discard’.
So stupid that nobody actually hears what the ‘others’ have to say.

What drove me to this conclusion?

Would you pay any attention to something uttered by a ‘libtard’? Or by a ‘fascist’?

Why would an antivaxxer actually listen to the arguments presented by a vaxxer when the anti-vaxxing community is convinced – or had allowed itself to be convinced, that the vaxxers are ‘sheeple’?
Why would a vaxxer try to understand what’s going inside the head of an antivaxxer when the vaxxing community is convinced – or had allowed itself to be convinced, that the antivaxxers are slow minded idiots who cannot understand science. And put us all in harm’s way!

Why would somebody concerned about catching Sars-Cov 2 listen to the arguments of somebody who is ‘cool’ about it? When those who are casual about the whole thing are called Covidiots?
Why would a ‘Covidiot’ care about Covid-19 when so many of them are convinced there are already too many people on Earth? Too many stupid people…

See what I mean?

The problem with this line of thought is that following it blinds each and everyone of those who go along. Us, that is.

Blinds us to the fact that we are all idiots.

None of us knows everything.
Some of us might know more than others, indeed. But no one knows so much as to be able to live comfortably on their own. To be both fully independent and to have a good life for any sizable amount of time.
Hence each of us – no matter how skillful or how highly educated, might – and eventually will, be proven idiot. Sometimes by a ‘simpleton’…

Don’t you believe me?

A guy has a flat tire. Being handy enough, he starts to change it. During the process, the lug nuts end up in a curb inlet. He tries to recover them using a piece of wire but… A kid, who had been watching the whole thing, tries to intervene.
‘Leave me alone, don’t you see I have a lot on my head?’.
After another 5 minutes, the child attempts again to say something. The driver rebuts him for a second time. Another 10 minutes pass by and the guy lightens a cigarette. The child was playing nearby. Remembering his undeserved rebuttal, the ‘handy’ guy approaches the child:

‘You were trying to say something to me a while ago. What was it?’

‘I noticed you’ve lost the lugs holding one of your wheels. Why don’t you unscrew one nut from each of the other wheels, put the spare on and drive to the next repair shop?’

And, by the way, what’s your opinion? Does this guy know what he’s doing? Is he ‘expert’ enough to teach others?

Since I don’t want to leave you ‘on a limbo’, compare to this:

And always consult a manual before attempting to do something for the first time. If one is available, of course. If not, use a double dose of common sense.
Or call for help. Don’t be a knows it all idiot.

‘Spațiul public’ este în efervescență.

Unii ‘înjură’ CCR-ul pentru ca a lăsat guvernul fără unelte pentru stăvilirea pandemiei.

Alții ‘înjură’ PSD-ul pentru maniera ‘lentă’ în care ‘procesează’ noul proiect de lege în parlament.

În Obor, o mare parte dintre tarabagii stau fără mască. Sau cu ea pusă aiurea. Tot așa, foarte mulți dintre prăvăliașii independenți se prefac doar că respectă măsurile de precauție.

La 12 zile după publicarea în Buletinul Oficial a hotărârii CCR cu privire la carantină au început să se întoarcă în spitale o parte dintre bolnavii care se ceruseră acasă. Direct la terapie intensivă…

Iar efervescența este atât de mare încât nimeni nu este interesat, încă, de numărul în continuă creștere a celor ‘depistați pozitivi’.

Va începe să ne pese cu adevărat abia după ce vom fi atins ‘pragul critic’. Și nu am nici o idee care va fi acela.
Vom începe să purtăm măști abia după ce îi vom auzi pe prietenii noștri horcăind. Sau după ce vom conduce o rudă la groapă.

Abia atunci vom depune o moțiune de cenzură în loc să înjurăm guvernul la televizor.
Abia atunci ne vom apuca să scriem – și să votam în regim de urgență, niște legi bune în loc să chemăm primul ministru în parlament doar ca să-i spunem că nu ne place legea pe care ne-a trimis-o el.

Și, când totul se va fi terminat – că toate se termină la un moment dat, o să ne plângem în pumni.
‘Bă, da’ proști am fost. De ce n-am facut chestia asta de la început?
Înainte să fi murit toți oamenii aștia?’

Bine, nici ‘noi’ n-o să mai fim chiar atăt de mulți…

Sau poate că nu?
Mai există varianta ca unii dintre noi să se bată pe spate și să se felicite pentru victoria electorală…
Dar asta va însemna că nimeni nu va fi înțeles nimic.

Că toate chinurile vor fi fost în zadar…

Singurul subiect asupra căruia cad de acord toți comentatorii vieții publice romanești este ‘nevoia de comunicare’.

Cu toții deplâng – mai mult sau mai puțin nuanțat, modul în care guvernul ‘comunică cu țara’.
Cu toții ‘admiră’, mai mult sau mai puțin invidios, modul în care PSD-ul reușeste să transforme subiectele zilei, cu ajutorul unor unelte din sfera comunicării, în ‘pitchuri electorale’.

Trebuie să rescunosc că există și cățiva analiști care ne atrag atenția ca ‘țara arde și babele sunt la coafor’.

Ce nu spune nimeni este ca babele astea se duc cu atâta insistență la coafor pentru că asta li s-a spus în ultimii 30 de ani.

Toți politicienii români, din toate taberele, au făcut tot feluri de cursuri. De comunicare. Toți politicienii români au consilieri de comunicare. Unii chiar mai mulți.

Și ne mai mirăm?
Că fac doar ce au fost învățați să facă?
Că sunt preocupați mai mult de comunicare decât de fapte?

Păi dacă le-a mers?
Dacă i-am evaluat mai mult după modul în care au comunicat și mai puțin după ce au făcut?

‘Și ce vrei să spui cu asta? Că profesioniștii comunicării poartă principala vină pentru cele întâmplate?’

Nu. Fiecare dintre noi avem partea noastră de răspundere!
Politicienii pentru ce au făcut, noi pentru ce am votat iar comunicatorii pentru că au transformat libertatea de exprimare într-o armă politică.

Vreau să atrag însă atenția asupra unui fapt cât se poate de simplu.
Politicienii trăiesc în bula lor. Noi, votanții, trăim în bulele noastre.
Nici unii dintre noi nu știm, la prima mână, ce se întâmplă în celelalte bule.

Singurii care au contact cu întreaga societate sunt ‘comunicatorii’. Tot ei sunt cei care au capacitatea să împărtășească ceea ce știu.

Până nu e prea târziu…

So, in the name of liberty and in order to protect the lives of the innocents, the government should not mandate wearing a mask in public – for the duration of the current pandemic, but should close the public funded ‘planned parenthood’ clinics forever…

Individuals – both men and women, are to be trusted to take, on their own, the appropriate measures to protect themselves – and the others, but women are not to be trusted to decide, on their own, about what happens inside their own bodies.

Meanwhile, “The US and Brazil each recorded more than 100,000 cases over the seven days from June 15 to June 21, the WHO said, the only two countries with such high infection numbers.
Do I need to refresh your memory about the fact that neither of their presidents, Trump and Bolsonaro, have never been seen wearing a mask in public?

This Covid thing is an excellent opportunity.
For us to reconsider.

Our past. Our meaning/role in this world… our future…
We have the time, some of us also have the means.

The means to socially distance ourselves from the fray.
Hence increasing our likelihood to survive. Increasing our confidence that tomorrow will actually happen.
Increasing the need to ‘actualize’ ourselves. To be able to cope with what tomorrow might bring.

This whole thing reminds me of the fact that Maslow’s Pyramid is nothing but a succession of steps which might be climbed. Might be climbed….
There’s no one there forcing us to step up once we’ve ‘fulfilled’ the one we’re standing on. And no one to tell us what to do once we’ve ‘upgraded’ ourselves.

And another thing.
Covid also taught us, the hard way, that our planet is limited.
That it’s hard to live apart and that everything which happens anywhere eventually influences all of us.

Thank you for reading this.

Later Edit
Some use ‘physical distancing’ instead of ‘social distancing’.
The rationale being that the distance is only physical and not social.
The way I see it, ‘social distancing’ makes a lot more sense.

‘I keep my distance because I care about you, not because I fear I might catch something from you. We are together in this!’

Practical reason:
“All the forms of rationality so far considered involve proceeding from one belief to another. But sometimes people proceed from belief to action. Here desire as well as belief is relevant, since successful rational action is action that satisfies one’s desires.” Encyclopaedia Britannica.

On behaving reasonably:
The standard of behaviour is external. Generally, the law examines only conduct, not the excitability, ignorance, or stupidity that may cause it. The courts determine what the hypothetical “reasonable person” would have done in the situation. Such standards also demand a degree of foresight in anticipating the negligence of others—especially of special groups such as children.
The reasonable-person test presumes certain knowledge—e.g., that fire burns, water may cause drowning, and cars may skid on wet pavement. Community custom will influence such presumptions, such as the practice of driving on a certain side of the road even on private roads, a situation in which laws do not apply.

The Supreme Court on Monday (June, 2018) ruled in favor of a Colorado baker who had refused to create a wedding cake for a gay couple. The court’s decision was narrow, and it left open the larger question of whether a business can discriminate against gay men and lesbians based on rights protected by the First Amendment.

““Why aren’t you wearing the mask?” Jesse asked the customer on a recent day at a store in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. “I am not here to question what you believe in. These are the rules. I am just asking you kindly to wear the mask.”
The customer, Genevieve Peters, who was recording the entire exchange, refused. “We are in America here,” she said, “Land of the free.” Then she turned her camera on other shoppers, who were less than amused: “Look at all of these sheep that are here, all wearing this mask that is actually dangerous for them.”
Jesse, identified only by his first name in the video, telephoned the police, who did not arrive. Finally, when Ms. Peters left the store, others customers burst into applause.” (

‘The reasonable person test presumes certain knowledge’ … that businesses are allowed to ‘weed out’ customers based on the Bill of Rights… and that Covid-19 is a hoax…


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