I just noticed that I forgot about this page and since I felt the need to explain the monickers to my English speaking readers this is an excellent opportunity to remedy my carelessness.
“Nicichiarasa” means ‘don’t push it too hard’ or ‘you’ve already stretched it to the limit’ and ‘ietete’ might be interpreted as ‘look who’s speaking now’. ( 😉 )
The general idea is that I got fed up with the fate of some concepts: they have been misinterpreted so far from their original meaning as to become unrecognizable.
Another thing that baffles me is there are a lot of people who smell there is something rotten in Denmark yet almost no one sneezes. I recognize my thoughts about how crooked this world has become almost everywhere yet very few people speak up clearly.
Not that I can compare myself with Copernicus but there might be something similar here. He didn’t come up with anything really original – the Ancient Greeks, among others, already knew that the Earth was round – but he had the guts to say it out loud. And he had found a way to do this without generating any conflict.
In my opinion solving a problem is infinitely more important than finding the actual person who might have caused it. Understanding what has happened and preventing it from happening again is one thing while making ‘retribution’ the goal of one’s life seems to be a wasteful use of time and resources.