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Someone asked me a few months ago:
‘These guys who spread misleading information on the internet, whether out of sheer stupidity or out of personal interest, will at some point understand how many people they have killed. Directly or indirectly.
How will they feel? In that moment…’

Until then, none of my vaccinated acquaintances have kicked the bucket.
Nor seen the inside of any hospital… after being infected with Covid.
Among those who have not been vaccinated… the situation is somewhat different… Although the unvaccinated are, among the people I’m personally acquainted to, about 4 times less frequent than the others, 8 of them are missing already. All 8 of them are no longer with us after having been diagnosed with Covid.

I hope you’ll have a ‘light’ conscience when we’ll arrive at the end of this mess.


Cantitatea de fake-news vărsată în capul cuiva este cel mai bun indicator pentru măsura în care respectiva persoană a deranjat ploile celor care s-au obișnuit să fie lăsați în pace.
Indiferent de orice….

Și dacă nu vă place formularea, găsiți voi altă traducere pentru

No matter what.

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