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‘From virus? What?!? And from which one?’

From none in particular.
From all of them, since all viruses are nothing but information!


Most biologists consider viruses to be something ‘in between’. Not exactly ‘life’, since they cannot replicate themselves, but something more than mere matter.

Only this approach sets very straight limits to how we understand life itself.
Or should I rather use ‘narrow’ instead of ‘straight’?
‘Narrow’ as in ‘not wide enough’ minded?

“Information which perpetuates itself”.

Does this sound right for you?

We. humans, are individual human beings. ‘Social’, indeed, but, nevertheless, individual. It’s our individual-ness which sets us apart from our nearest cousins. Chimps and bonobos.
It’s our individual-ness which sets the parameters of our world-view. That being the reason for our attempt to define life as a characteristic of the individual organisms which happen to be alive.

This being the moment when I feel the urge to direct your attention upon a seminal book.

Hmmm… the Origin of Species…

If evolution is about ‘Species’, then what about life itself being more about species than about individuals?

What about life being more about the process through which information is passed along from one generation to another than about an individual organism being alive or not?

In this sense, ‘virus’ would belong to the realm of the living, right?

One of the best examples of professional grade propaganda which had recently crept up on my FB wall

As always, the ‘gaslighters’ use ‘the obvious’ to get inside our heads.
Once there, they actually twist our minds.

In fact, the professional propagandists act like viruses do.
They use the internal mechanisms of the target to alter its ‘software’. To ‘convince’ the target to act in a manner favorable to the ‘virus’ rather than in its own interest.

And the fact that both sides – or trolls embedded there?!?, use the same ‘tools’ only makes it harder for the targets – for us, really, to defend ourselves. To maintain our sanity.

Let’s go back to the example at hand.
Yes, it’s ridiculous to blame this child for Pearl Harbor. This is the evident part of the meme.
Only it’s very legit to blame those who deny that Japan attacking Pearl Harbor was ‘murder’. Legit enough to become a must.
Just like it’s a must to blame those who deny the Holocaust.

Same thing with slavery. And with other crimes of the past.
Blaming people alive today for what their ancestors had done in the past is ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as denying that past crimes had consequences. Some of which continue to pull us down today.

Present day colored people in America – and Roma people in Europe, continue to suffer the consequences of having been enslaved for many generation.
Denying that only burdens entire societies.
It burdens the colored people themselves and, on a way larger scale, it burdens the rest of us. The colored people having less opportunities than the rest of us is a waste for the society at large. The disproportionate number of crimes and felonies perpetrated by the colored people are a cost shouldered by all of us.
Meanwhile, the blame is not entirely ‘theirs’. Had they been ‘defective’ in any way would have prevented any of them from ‘prospering’. Hence we’re dealing with a rather ‘cultural’ thing. Which cultural thing has appeared at the intersection between us and them. We had enslaved them. We had kept them at arm’s length until not so long ago. So many of us continue to look down on them.
We consider it’s their individual responsibility to pull themselves up!
And how are they supposed to do that? Statistically speaking, and in the present conditions, not only the most talented and the very lucky among them….

How are we going to proceed? Continue with the blame game – and play into the hands of those who want us weak, or attempt to do something about it? To find a real solution?

Bob este prietenul meu.

Are 75 de ani, foarte mulți prieteni și o situație materială decentă.
Pensie, apartament, suficiente lucruri…

Bob nu mai are pe nimeni. Și nimic.
Aceia dintre prieteni care mai sunt în viață au aceiași vârstă. Și sunt, mai mult sau mai puțin, în aceiași ‘stare tehnică’.
Pentru că nu se mai poate scula din pat, lucrurile pe care le-a adunat o viață-ntreagă – și despre care credea că-i vor îndulci bătrânețile, nu-i mai folosesc la nimic.

Bob este fratele meu.
Unul dintre mulții frați pe care nu i-a născut mama mea pentru mine. Dar care mi-au fost dăruiți de viață.

Voi continua să am grijă de el, pe cât voi putea, pentru că și eu sunt tot Bob.
Chiar dacă eu am soție, copil și câteva rude în viață.

Oameni fiind, suntem supuși greșelii. Cu voie sau fără voie, adoptăm și decizii ‘imperfecte’. După care suferim consecințele. Iar acela este momentul în care avem nevoie de ajutor.

De fapt, dacă ne gândim mai bine, noi toți suntem Bob.
Nici unul dintre noi nu poate supraviețui singur.
Nici măcar în condiții normale. Și cu atât mai puțin pe vremea Covidului…

Poate virusul ăsta o să ne învețe cât de frați suntem în realitate!

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