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It had to do with FOCUS.

The answer, like always, is to be found inside the question which generates it.

“If socialism is so bad, how did the Soviet Union produce so many scientists.”

The key word here is ‘produce’.
First of all, Russia did have an important cultural and scientific tradition to start with.
Secondly, the communist leaders – mostly Lenin but more or less all of them, had a clear understanding of the literacy gap which separated Russia from the rest of the world. Filling that gap was the first step towards Russia/the Soviet Union becoming a First Tier country. Hence the ‘free, standard, universally available education’.

But there’s a caveat here.
When we’re speaking about education – in the West, we mean ‘everything already known to man’.
Students are allowed to read everything in the library – except for certain places in the US, but those are exceptions.
When we speak about the education in the Soviet Union we must remember that each of the ‘free, standard and universally available’ aspects had its own limitations.
It was free in the sense that everybody – well, almost – had the right to apply for it. Actually getting it was something else.
It was standard in the sense that it was standardized. Only what was deemed safe/useful was allowed to reach the students.
It was universally available in the sense that everybody was subjected to some form of education. Much of which was nothing more than indoctrination…

Finally, let’s remember that the Soviet Union was able to produce scientists only for so long. Until it collapsed under it’s own weight…

Moral of the story?

Producing scientists is not enough.
Science teaches you only how to do whatever you want to do.
What to want… that’s something else!

Some of you will agree and some will say I’ve lost it.

First things first.

Socialism does take away liberties.
One by one. Under various pretexts.
I’ve learned this on my own skin.

Spending the first 30 years of your life under a communist regime teaches you a thing or two…

On the other hand, the meme above does have a certain ‘appeal’.
A significant number of people had their pensions slashed, watched their savings disappear and their jobs being exported. Health care and education have become exorbitant. Racism, xenophobia and hate have again risen their ugly heads and more and more people die at the wrong end of a gun. Of a gun ‘manhandled’ by ’emotionally distressed’ persons…

What’s going on here?
Why so many people’s lives are so badly ruined?

Fugazi can be used to describe a situation as “fucked up” or to describe an item as fake.

You see, “capitalism” stealing anything is a lie.
A blatant lie!

Capitalism cannot steal anything!

Socialism can rob you of your rights because it actually says it will do it.
Given the slightest chance, those who promote socialism will use the doctrine to ‘discipline’ their followers into a herd.

Capitalism doesn’t promote stealing!
Stealing is not condoned by any capitalist ideology while concentrating all decision making in the hands of the ruling coterie is the cornerstone of socialism.

‘If capitalism doesn’t condone stealing then why an increasing number of people end up penniless while so much money gets concentrated in such a small number of hands?!?’

Why are we living in such fugazi times?

Replace “capitalism” with ‘some (fake) capitalists’ and the text above will make so much more sense!

You see, what we have here is the perfect illustration of fugazi.
We are in a fucked up situation!
And instead of trying to solve it, some of us attempt to ‘fake it’!
And consequently make it worse…

Socialism won’t bring any respite!

Solving the current untenable situation starts with acknowledging its causes!
Its real causes…

Blaming the socialists for the errors committed because too much greed had been ‘expressed’ at ‘very high levels’ doesn’t solve anything.
Promising that socialism will making things right is just as malignant as blaming the socialists for the mistakes made by the greedy who have brought us where we currently are.

Only when we’ll stop faking it we’ll be able to look for solutions.
For workable solutions…

Oh, I almost forgot!
Don’t allow the ‘con-artists’ to convince you that social democracy is equivalent to socialism.
This is a thesis put forward by the same people who maintain that “republic” is good while “democracy” is bad.
And don’t allow the ‘other’ ‘con-artists’ to convince you that all wealthy people are bad and that (forced) “equality” will solve everything.


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As much as I love writing, I do have to eat.
And to provide for my family.
Earning money takes time.
If you’d like me to write more, and on a more regular basis, hit the button.
Your contribution will be appreciated!

As much as I love writing, I do have to eat.
And to provide for my family.
Earning money takes time.
If you’d like me to write more, and on a more regular basis, hit the button.
Your contribution will be appreciated!

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For a (free) market to function, at all, it needs active economic agents.
Which economic agents need, in their turn, certain amounts of concentrated resources at their disposal. A certain amount of ‘capital’. Regardless of who owns it. Or disposes of it.

In this sense, no matter where each of them finds itself on the individual to socialist spectrum, all societies are ‘capitalist’.

On the other hand, individual capitalists – economic agents, do not need a free market to thrive. The do indeed need a market to sell their products/services, only that market does not have to be free. On the contrary, even.

OK, no monopolistic market has survived for long. And all monopolies have eventually failed. Even those who had grown ‘too big to fail’!

But go and tell this to any of those who happen to be at the helm of a monopoly… be it of economic or political nature …

Azi dimineata am primit in mail un link.
Era povestea aia cu o grupa de studenti care accepta ca toti sa primeasca la examen aceiasi nota, calculata ca medie a notelor fiecaruia dintre ei. Pe scurt, toata lumea a cazut deoarece cei lenesi nu au invatat de loc bazandu-se ca cei harnici vor lua medii mari iar cei harnici nu au invatat pentru ca nu au vrut sa-i care in spate pe ceilalti.


au inceput sa ma manance degetele si iata ce a iesit: 


“Practica ne-a invatat ca socialismul o da in bara in mod constant.
Poate ca ar fi bine sa intelegem si de ce.
Prezenta povestire da vina pe ‘egalitarism’. Daca ar fi asa atunci stramosii nostrii, cei care traiau in comunitati strinse (inainte de aparitia banului) si imparteau tot ce aveau n-ar fi supravietuit. S-ar fi batut intre ei pe mancare si ar fi murit pana la urma de foame.
In schimb au gasit o metoda sa inmulteasca putinele resursele pe care le aveau la dispozitie cu toate ca imparteau roadele muncii lor.
Usor, usor, au cladit orase, au invatat sa scrie, au descoperit tot felul de tehnologii SI au inventat BANII. Abia din momentul asta au inceput cu adevarat sa se bata intre ei. Tocmai pentru ca nu si-au dat seama ca banii sunt doar un intrument si au ajuns sa considere banul (POSESIA LUI) ca fiind telul suprem al vietii,
E adevarat ca si pe vremea aia erau oameni intelepti care au atras atentia ca ‘banul este ochiul dracului’ si ca trebuie folosit cu mare grija dar degeaba
Sa revenim la socialism.
Cel mai mare pacat din Biblie este aroganta. Credinta ca esti atotstiutor. De asta nu functioneaza socialismul. Pentru ca este promovat de gasti de indivizi care sustin ca stiu ei mai bine decit ceilalti oameni cum trebuie sa functioneze societatea, cum trebuie sa functioneze lucrurile.
Si nu doar ca au aceasta credinta de nestramutat. Pana la urma fiecare dintre noi avem, macar la un moment dat, impresia ca am descoperit ceva nemaipomenit, ceva inca necunoscut, si incercam sa-i convingem pe cei din jur cit de interesanta este descoperirea noastra.
Problema reala apare din faptul ca ‘socialistii’ au o ‘credinta’ atat de puternica incit nu se dau in laturi la nimic in drumul lor catre ‘societatea perfecta’: masluiesc alegeri, invrajbesc oamenii unii impotriva celorlalti (Securitatea e un bun exemplu) si pana la urma duc totul de rapa.
Si de fapt cam asa a procedat si profesorul din povestea asta. Stia de la bun inceput ce urmeaza sa se intample. Si cu toate astea a organizat ‘experimentul’: doar pentru a demonstra ca el are dreptate.
In felul asta a reusit sa strice vacanta unei intregi grupe.
Sau nu?!?
Eu unul nu cred ca TOTI aia erau atit de tampiti incit sa cada in plasa. Probabil ca erau niste lenesi care au gindit ‘lasa-i pe prosti sa invete si o sa trecem si noi pe langa ei’. La fel de probabil e ca au fost si unii care au gandit ca ‘da-i in masa, ce sa invat eu pentru ei, mai bine merg si eu in toamna decit sa treaca si niste lenesi pe linga mine’!
Totusi mie nu-mi vine sa cred ca n-au fost si unii care sa se gandeasca: mai bine invat eu cit de bine pot – de fapt de asta am venit aici, sa invat, NU? – iar la examen ma voi stradui cit pot mai bine ca sa nu trebuiasca sa mai vin o data si la toamna. Iar fraierii aia care nu invata si vor trece pe langa mine, treaba lor. Ei n-or sa aiba cunostintele dupa care, de fapt, au venit aici, la facultate!’ “

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