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Last time I checked, for a rebellion to make sense, it had to be against some precise thing. Otherwise…

On the other hand, there are only two kinds of freedom.
‘Against all others’ – which starts as anarchy and very soon becomes atrocious dictatorship. Where the dictator is free to rule and the oppressed are free do obey. Or to attempt to climb into the dictator’s shoes…
Or ‘with all others’. Also known as ‘democracy’. The real thing, of course, not the ‘mob rule’ variety which is currently creeping upon us.

Hence the only sensible rebellion would be the one against any form of dictatorship and ‘executed’ in concert with the rest of the oppressed.

Basically, “anarchy” is about everybody for himself. And damn everybody else – even though most forget about this part.

While “secession” is mostly about someone trying to carve a ‘piece of the action’ for himself – and some people (naively?) following him. Maybe hoping that the new ruler would prove to be better than the old one?

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