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If you’re ready for the ‘next level’, consider this perspective:

We, the human species, have been ‘eating away’ the Earth, our home, ever since …
Now, that we’ve finally figured out we’re ‘trapped’ on a finite planet, we’re making analogies!
Conjuring the next generation to behave responsibly.


 check first    stop for the school bus
‘Supposed to stop’ and ‘will stop’ are two completely different things. We dearly need to teach our children that their safety is primarily their responsibility and that they need to check first (that the incoming driver has stopped, for instance) and act only when the circumstances allow it. Hoping that the adults will behave in a responsible manner is a legitimate wish but nothing more than that.
Educating the reckless drivers (punishment is a legitimate teaching tool) can make a difference indeed so we should pursue this venue also but there is a catch here.
Don’t you think that our current attitude towards the children conveys some sort of indifference about ‘tomorrow’?
Treating our children like they were totally irresponsible morons only encourages them to behave as if they really were so. And do you honestly imagine they’ll morph into ‘grown-up adults’ in a jiffy when they’ll reach the ‘magical’ age of legal drinking after being treated like that?
And something else.
People not only don’t stop for the school buses but also rip off children financially (high tuition and huge public debts that will fall in their laps), nutritionally (kids are among the preferred targets for the advertisers who promote junk food), emotionally (we abandon our kids in front of their computers, laden with stupid video games we sell to their parents for a hefty profit) and even sexually [ (long time) “Child abuse victims in Britsh town claim compensation” ] .

Is it because we don’t care anymore? Have we lost all our hope for tomorrow and trust in our fellow human beings?

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