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“Tolerance without reasonable limits is like walking around with a “KICK ME” sign that you put on your own back.”

John Faithful Hamer


‘Tolerance’ is a two dimensional thing.
‘Intensity’ and ‘wideness’.
What I tolerate and how far I allow things to go before I react to them.

Indiscriminate and limitless tolerance is, indeed, incompatible with life as we know it.

It would mean total surrender to the first ‘bidder’.

(Absolute) intolerance would mean ‘constant warfare’.
A.k.a. beating the crap out of anybody who even dares to look up.
…. Being (feeling) compelled to attempt to …

Your choice.

Our choice?

“Shooters storm Paris headquarters of satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, which has stoked Islamist anger over its depictions of the Prophet”

In 1914 WWI started just because European countries had backed themselves into so tight corners that they weren’t able to ‘leave them behind’ and ‘come up into the open space where some mutual ground could have been found’  while the entire ‘house’ ‘went up in flames’.

So what do we do now, a century later?

Some people heap ‘fun’ (?!?) on the ‘others’ and ‘the others’ reply with bullets.

Regardless on which side of the many divides that crisscross our society (societies) each of us belongs to we all try to find explanations, and culprits, for what is happening. Only none of the explanations that have been proposed until now has been found acceptable ‘for the other side’.

I propose something else.

If we look closer all this can be boiled down to (mutual) ignorance intensified by intolerance and arrogance.
While real people bleed in the streets some callous puppeteers/mindless ‘activists’, from all sides, laugh contentedly in their hideouts and plan new ways to prod the rest of us into even more reckless extreme actions.

There are two ways out of here.
We can fight it off, like the Germans and the French did. But they needed 150 years of gruesome warfare (from the Napoleonic wars to the end of WWII) to understand that there were no insurmountable differences between them.
Or we could try something new.

All we need is some mutual respect. The rest would come naturally.

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