Holidays are very good opportunities to reconsider,
And to learn new things.

These days I learned that while having nothing makes you feel ‘uncomfortable’, having too much can be very limiting.

If you have just enough, you can go forward. Explore new venues. Learn new things.
Enjoy life!

If you have too much, you spend too much time and energy protecting what you already have. Trying to get more…
The venues open for you to explore are suddenly reduced to one! Only one… You become the guardian of your fortune!
Can you enjoy such a life?
Are you sure? Have you examined the alternatives? In earnest?

‘Are you implying that all wealthy people are unhappy?
Unable to enjoy their lives?!?’

On the contrary, my dear Watson!
I’m only saying that being wealthy is complicated.
“Just enough” is a matter of individual ability to cope.
That enjoying wealth needs a lot of skill.
And that being wealthy comes with a lot of responsibility!
Towards yourself in the first place!

And towards your kids, family and the rest of the gang…