Card’s hate has come to color my experience of his fiction — as, I think, it should. Neither fiction nor its creators exist in a vacuum; nor is the choice to consume art or support an artist morally neutral. Orson Scott Card is monstrously homophobic; he’s racist; he advocates violence and lobbies against fundamental human rights and equates criticism of those stances with his own hate speech.
Rachel Editin, Wired, 2013

“The first and greatest threat from court decisions in California and Massachusetts, giving legal recognition to “gay marriage,” is that it marks the end of democracy in America.”
Orson Scott Card, Mormon Times, 2008

‘The choice to consume art….’
I used to be under the impression that art was something which clawed at your attention and opened up your mind to new understandings of things… Now I’m told that art is nothing but yet another merchandise. Something to be chosen, paid for and consumed.

‘The end of democracy in America…’
I used to be under the impression that democracy, perfectible as it is, was the best way forward. Precisely because each and all of those concerned about the matter are allowed to speak up their minds and because all are equally protected by the law of the land. Which law of the land reflects the deeply held conviction of the vast majority of those living together that each of them is equally entitled to choose for themselves. For as long as their choices don’t hurt the others, of course.
Which ‘equally entitled to choose’ also means that each of them has an equal voice when it comes to determining their collective future.
For example, that each of the American Citizens are entitled to one vote when the President of the United States of America is elected for office.
Now I learn that some people are convinced that the American Citizens – those “we, the people” who are called to elect the Government, should not be allowed to choose whom to marry. And that allowing people full freedom when it comes to choosing their partners – irrespective of their biological sex, will somehow destroy their ability to choose their (political) future.

How much sense does this make?…
From consuming art to banning people from marrying their chosen soulmate!