Most of us consider corpses as being inert.
And those individuals who are in deeper stages of coma.

Living organisms, on the other hand, are considered as being reactive.
They drink when thirsty, eat when hungry, run when in danger…

As for behaving in a pro-active manner… things are no longer so simple.
Ants, for example, are constantly praised for their behavior.

While crickets are disparaged for their recklessness …

But what about the dung beetle?
Also proactive?

They dig shelters and provide them with food for the next generation.
If this isn’t proactive behavior… I don’t know what else would qualify.

‘But … really?!? Can a beetle be ‘accused’ of behaving in a pro-active manner? An insect? Are you nuts?’

I’ll make a small break now. And point your attention to something I find very interesting.
“Life isn’t predictable and it’s a good idea to be prepared”.
Prepared for what?!? For God’s sake… remember? ‘Life isn’t predictable’!
Hello!!! The ant is hoarding food during the summer exactly because she doesn’t want to starve during the winter. She absolutely knows that winter is coming. She prepares herself because she knows what’s going to happen! Duh…

Coming back to the beetle, no, I ain’t nuts. I’m only trying to suggest that species act as if being proactive. Individual organisms do not necessarily behave in a proactive manner but species always do. Those who don’t… disappear soon enough.