Somebody shared a video – where two senior citizens swing their golf clubs at some rather idiotic pranksters – on FB

golf prank

and captioned it “Don’t mess with old dudes and their balls…”

This made me wonder ‘what on Earth are we doing to ourselves?’ As a species, I mean.
OK, those kids did a rather stupid thing, indeed.
But let’s not forget that they have been raised by people not so very different from those golf players – statistically speaking, of course.
And where is the difference between what those two kids have done and the ‘practical jokes’ that are aired ad nauseam by most TV stations? Owned and run by individuals very much like those two annoyed ‘senior citizens. Who were enraged enough to swing their ‘irons’ at the pranksters, risking serious injuries…

How much lower can we get?

devil prank

Somebody pointed me to this. You might say there is no connection between these two private-jet loving ministers and the pranksters but don’t think they all display the same level of callousness towards the rest of the people?

private jet loving ministers