There is undeniable truth in here but there is also a considerable amount of confusion.

Whenever truth is hidden behind the words instead of being openly discussed among those who deal information pertaining to a particular situation all those involved will eventually suffer the consequences of their deceptions.
This is something that has been common knowledge for sometime now yet there still are too many individuals who think they can ‘beat the market’ on this.

This is the true part.

What makes me wonder is how come a nation may become afraid of its own people? Isn’t this an oxymoron of sorts?
Or is it that only some members of that nation have become afraid that their deceptions will become apparent to the rest of the people?

I have used a small strike in an orchard valley as the symbol of man’s eternal, bitter warfare with himself.” (John Steinbeck, in a letter to George Albee)

Why on Earth had Kennedy chosen to beat around the bush instead of speaking out in plain English? It didn’t much good for him anyway, isn’t it?

Why are so many of us still following this policy?
Why are so many nations that allow this to happen?