Politics were always about getting things done.

Modern politics used to be about dialog. People talked to each other and when a conclusion was accepted by a majority it became a policy and was put into practice.

Contemporary politics seem to be about hiding behind ideological smoke screens – values, rights, political correctness, platforms, you name them – while scheming about how to implement usually self serving and too often very short sighted policies.

I’ve spent the first 30 years of my life – practically my entire youth – under communist rule. The worst thing was the complete lack of alternatives. One ruler, one party, only one opinion that automatically became law. No way to escape the mistakes made by whomever happened to be in power and who, unfailingly, ‘lost it’ gradually as he spent more time at the top precisely because there were no ‘checks and balances’, no real dialogue between the various sections of the society.

The Western part of Europe – the area currently known as the EU and which was the starting place for the most destructive wars in human history – is crisscrossed by water filled channels. Some of natural origin and some build by the people living nearby. In peaceful times they were used as shipping lanes, in wars as trenches.

Political parties evolved as public platforms. Virtual places where likely minded people got together and discussed their opinions before proposing them to the society at large. Now-a-days they seem to have become fortresses where ‘frightened’ individuals congregate so tightly that no outside influence penetrates to their ears.

Bona fide negotiations have all but disappeared and have been replaced by ‘pork barrel’ laced with veiled threats.

What are we going to do from now on? Resume trading in good faith or prepare for war?
And no matter what the ‘talking heads’ are babbling incessantly IT’S UP TO US. After all it’s our own lives that are at stake.

If you think I’m exaggerating click here and read some of the comments. They were posted by regular people, the likes of you and me. For now they are still willing to share their feelings but don’t you think the atmosphere is just a little too tense for our own good and that nobody really listens anymore?

In Romania we have a saying that goes like this: ‘A fish rots from the head and should be scaled/gutted from the tail’.

We need to clean up our own, individual, act first. Only this way we’ll be able to convince the powerful-s of the day that we really mean it.
We can start by paying attention, real attention, to the persons living next to us. To our colleagues, to our employees… Of course we pay attention to our bosses and to our families, that’s how we survive in the short term.
Time has come to pay attention to the rest of the people. If we want to thrive in the long run.