“Portrayed like this things start to make sense.
The artist who had put this together deserves an Oscar for lucidity and synthesis.
This picture says it all!
One type of civilization advances behind a mask while the other refuses to see what is going on.”

That’s one way to interpret this image.
Another one, among many others, could be:
‘Those who do not feel free are actively looking for a way out of their predicament while those who have grown careless are no longer aware of what is going on around them.

And, dear reader, when considering any of these interpretations, please bear in your mind mind that each of them has been put forward by a human being, animated by a specific set of beliefs and convictions which have been heavily influenced by his personal set of life experiences.


Le photographe qui a réalisé ce montage devrait recevoir l’Oscar de la lucidité et de la synthèse !


 TOUT est dit, dans cette photographie!

 Un type de civilisation avance à visage masqué…

 Et l’autre, les yeux cachés ne voit rien venir.

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