And ugly too!

Despite the fact that there is no shortage of obese women in the real world and tonnes of bad jokes about them lurk on the Internet – one of them pictured above – sensible people do not speak much on this subject. Not that the subject isn’t relevant but because normal people refrain themselves from hurting other people.

And the closer those ‘other people’ are to the speaker the more carefully he/she chooses his/hers subjects/wording.

And why is this?

Behaviorists would argue that through the constant push-pull interaction that takes place between the members of a community each of them learn to behave in a manner acceptable to everybody.
‘Insults are not acceptable’ that is.

Evolutionary psychologists would argue that useful information that is presented in an insulting manner has practically no chances to penetrate the ‘ego filter’. Hence effective communicators have learned to ‘dress’ information they really need to convey to their audience in a ‘palatable’ manner.

Take your pick.