I’m not a very social person.
I don’t know that many people.

Those I know belong to three categories. People I’ve met, people I’ve kept in contact with and people I’ve got drunk with.
Since I don’t ‘go under’ easily, you can imagine that those belonging to the third category are not ‘legion’.

On the other hand, Romania hasn’t been hit that hard by Covid. Only 22000 dead.

I’m not going to tell you how many of the people I’ve ever met – or even kept in contact with, are now dead. Because of Covid, of course.
I’m only going to mention that two of those with whom I’ve enjoyed more than a ‘merry evening’ are no longer with us. Because of Covid. I’ve known them well and I’m certain it wasn’t a bogus diagnosis.

Let’s get serious.
I know how many of you are fed up with how the authorities – all over the world, have bothched ‘it’ up.
I know how many of you are fed up with how greedy Big Pharma, and the healthcare establishment, have been during the last 50 years or so.
I know how many of you are longing to get back to ‘normal’.
I know all these because I’m fed up too. And I too am longing to raise a glass with my surviving friends.

Please note that during the previous peak it had been reached a 7 day moving average of some 8 000 daily new cases. And a 7 day moving average of some 165 daily deaths. Right now we are at a 7 day moving average of 5500 new daily cases and an average of 100 daily deaths
Better, but still! And we shouldn’t forget that the hospitals are not yet running overdrive….

That’s why I’ll continue to wear a mask, to keep my distance, to wash my hands. That’s why I’ve put myself on the waiting list.
I’m sure you have a prety clear idea which list I’m talking about.

See you on the other side!

And I pray those who are no longer with us will rest in peace.