Man as a measure of all things.

Human behavior displayed by extremely egocentric individuals who are over-confident about their own brain power.

Individuals who share this particular combination are convinced that due to their ‘exquisite’ mind, their own understanding of the world is not only absolutely correct but also complete.
Simultaneously, their egocentricity makes them immune to what other people might say about anything.

Consequently, if one of the individuals described above also happens to have a sanguine enough disposition and to live in a ‘permissive’ enough social environment, chances are that he will (at least try to) become an authoritarian figure.

In order to achieve his (natural) goal he will use whatever pretext might be most suitable for the particular social environment in which he happens to live.

– Economic, if there’s a wide enough rift between the haves and the have-nots. Lenin, Mao Tze-Dung, Castro…
– Religious, ethnic or both, if a big enough proportion…

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