I hate crowded malls and supermarkets.
As a consequence I make it so that I seldom have to buy anything during the weekend. And when I do I wake up early and I beat the crowd to it.

Not today. It so happened that I started late so I had to experience ‘weekend shopping’ at full intensity. Farmers market, a hypermarket, a discount store and a supermarket. All in under two hours – it’s a relatively small city, those places are not so far away from each other and I know exactly where each item I need is shelved in each store.

And now the reasons for my current post.

– Why on Earth would a pensioner chose to buy anything during the weekend rush except for the things that have to be absolutely fresh. For instance fish or lettuce?
OK, I can understand that some of them were shopping for the Sunday dinner but still… they could have done that on Friday morning when the shops are empty and they don’t have to wait at the cashiers desk or to navigate the heavy trolleys through a dense crowd…

– We are raising a very strange generation of kids. The shops were full of parents who were obviously quite disconnected from their children. My guess being that the kids spend the week at the kindergarten/school/after school (or with a nanny) and the parents ‘take over’ only during the weekend.
In those two short hours I witnessed innumerable interactions that suggested to me that the parents had no clue about their children and that the children practically didn’t know/trust their parents.