reason vs comon sense

To an employer, simple economic reason tells him to extract as much work as possible from his employees.
To an employee, the same attitude tells him to ‘resist’, to make himself as ‘scarce’ as possible without giving the employer obvious reasons to fire him.

Add modern technology to all this and here is what you get: employees locking themselves into toilets booths and surfing the internet on their smartphones while employers counteract by installing access control machinery in the ‘rest areas’.
“Not more than 6 (six) minutes a day and a $20 gift card if you don’t go there at all”.

How about a more complex understanding of the whole business?
Can we see economic contracts (work related ones included) as a form of cooperation instead of mindless/ruthless/mutually crippling competition?

Fair sport versus ‘no holds bared fight’?

Or am I too naive?