An animal.
An animal with a conscience.
God’s most precious creation.
Nothing but another member of the society.

All of the above and then some.

Judging by the wealth of possible answers we might conclude that the question that started all this is an open one, right?
One that prompts ‘the student’ to think before formulating an opinion. One that elicits an elaborate answer. Or one that doesn’t lead to/doesn’t contain in itself a certain answer.

The problem is that there is no such thing as a really open question. OK, some questions allow the respondent to come up with his version of reality while others elicit a very precise answer. Only every answer, no matter how personal, has to have a very strong connection to the question. Otherwise it would not be an answer any more.
If somebody asks me ‘what time is it?’ and my answer would be ‘green’ it would be just as stupid as responding ‘hate’ if asked ‘what would like to have for dinner’.

Lets go back to my initial question, and the plethora of possible answers from which each of us are supposed to choose one as ‘his personal’.
Clue: ‘choose’!

Really now, what are we, human people – God’s creations or not, it doesn’t matter – but warm blooded animals who have developed a conscience and, because of that, are able to choose?

And here comes the unpleasant part. The very fact that our main job is to choose from the many opportunities we are presented with makes us responsible for all the decisions we make. Sooner or later the consequences of our choosing will inevitably catch up with us.