Getting old…

Some people become milder. Because they realize how dependent they’ve become.
Others get feistier. They’ve had to eat so much of it that they’ve had enough. Bull shit.
Many somehow manage both of the above…

Most experience a strange condition.
Their hands grow longer. And longer… Until they make up their minds and start sporting spectacles.

Many become deaf.
What? Speak up and no mumbling this time!

And do you know that saying?
After your 50-th birthday, if you wake up in the morning and nothing hurts… then you’re dead, my friend!

But there is a benchmark far more precise than any of the above. And any other you might think of!
As you grow older, you become more efficient. You learn how to accomplish things with far less movement. For obvious reasons…
Yet you don’t realize how efficient you have become. And you start getting fatter. Because you still love to eat!