This used to be the motto of the French Legion Etrangere.
A bunch of guys who had no other way out of their predicaments than to enroll into a notoriously hard mercenary army. But one which offered its recruits a clean slate. So marche ou creve – move ‘forward’ or ‘out of the way’, it was.

Fast forward to our day.
“Le bonheur c’est pas le but mais le moyen”. “Happiness is not the goal but the mean” (of knowing you’re on the right track).

Now, what is it which makes the French so adept at pointing the finger to the really important things?

Me not being able to figure out the answer doesn’t mean much.

Marche ou creve! For as long as you’ll be moving, you’ll conserve you’re chance at being happy!

But keep in mind that ‘marche ou creve’ has been coined by people living in community with each other. No soldier will ever survive on his own.