Man as a measure of all things.

DSC_1905Enchanted by the trees

You’ve already glanced at the picture above. Before going back to it, make a mental note about what you felt when you first noticed it.

Have a second, unhurried, look at the scene above and compare notes.
What you felt one minute ago with what are you feeling now.

When did you notice that the two guys are slightly out of focus?
What influence this had over your whole experience?
Do you mind the fact that the duck is sharper than the humans? As if it was the main character instead of the humans? As an aside, this was true. The duck was marching purposefully from place to place as if it was surveying the area – a botanical garden in Tenerife, Spain.

My point being that it’s absolutely normal for humans to give precedence, ‘by default’, to other humans.
On the other hand, the essence of becoming adults is…

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