Some 50 years ago Carl Andre displayed 6 stacks of bricks on the floor of the Tibor de Nagy art gallery in New York.

None of them was sold so the artist “returned all but 200 of the bricks to the brickyard to get his money back”.

They were remade in 1969, from a different kind of bricks – the factory had closed in the meantime, and one of them was bought, in 1976, by London’s Tate Gallery for $12.000 – the equivalent of $50.000 in today’s money.

Equivalent VIII 1966 by Carl Andre born 1935

Not without creating a lot of controversy.



Which ‘tripped’ me into writing the present comment.

I’m not going to discuss Andre’s art or philosophy. It’s so obvious that you can actually trip on it.

What’s bewildering me is the intensity with which some people contest the things they don’t even understand.
OK, each of us have the right to express ourselves. To criticize everything.

But why do it so aggressively?

What if we are the ones who don’t have a clue?

Who ‘are as thick as a brick‘, instead of as “Thick as a Brick” as we consider ourselves?

Could it be that it’s our own unwillingness to see which has allowed the ‘(thick as) thieves’ to bring the ‘Conspiracy of Fools‘ upon our heads?