traped fox

I happened to stumble upon this video.
I was so happy seeing the cunning fox being greeted by her friends!

Then I watched the next clip.
And it hit me.

OK, I understand how and why the ‘art of trapping’ has been developed by our ancestors.
They were hungry and this was an effective enough method to get food. And furs for clothes.
Then furs for money.
Now furs for ‘fashionistas’.

An animal dying the most horrible death imaginable so that someone could flash a fur coat in a social setting.

Don’t get me wrong. I eat meat, almost every day, and, if hungry, I’d probably resort to trapping.
But I try to buy my food from farmers who raise their stock as humanely as possible.

Same thing with the fur coats. I understand why some people would want to wear them, specially in very cold climates. So I’m OK with shooting animals which do not belong to the endangered species. I’m also OK with farming animals for their furs – in decent conditions of course.

But I cannot understand how come someone would want to flash a fashionable fur coat when climbing out of a stretched limo, specially when the animal who had previously worn that fur had agonized for hours strangled by a noose-trap.  Or had a limb crushed in a leg-hold trap.

traped lynx