Since my main blog – – has become a pell-mell of subjects connected solely by my subjectivity I decided to put things in order.
Hence the birth of my second blog, Man as a measure of all things.
Enjoy it, if you can find anything interesting in here.
And Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it.

Man as a measure of all things.


This morning, while browsing through Facebook, I came across a very good question. The kind that really gets your mind spinning in overdrive.

“If you were to be a scientist, would you prefer to be:
a) super smart and moderately curious
b) moderately smart and super curious?”

First of all I don’t think being a scientist matters in any way. This question is valid for all of us.

I pondered for a few minutes – b) – and then read the entire discussion that followed. After a couple of hours it hit me. BTW, b)  means I’m aware about my limited brightness – which is why it took me so long to figure this out.

Being smart is only part of the whole equation.

Intuitively a smart mind must be very mobile, hence very curious.
Well, that would mean that all really bright people would necessarily develop encyclopedic minds, right?

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