A FB friend of mine shared this old video with the following caption:

“He is the only president in the world to do this, and defend the workers’ labor RESPECT”

And this was my reaction to this:

“Are you that sure that he did this in order to ‘defend worker’s labor’? Or in order to present himself as the (God) ‘father of the nation’? Or maybe, just maybe, he needed the aluminum produced at that factory?

And even if he was animated by the purest ideals, the mere fact that he acted like he did – in a dictatorial manner – is extremely malignant for the rest of the society.
What will stop, from now on, the oligarchs from following his example – act dictatorially on their own feuds? Fright from being reprimanded by the ‘big boss’?
Are you sure this is what you wish for? A society drenched in fright?
I’m not defending the Deripasca’s of this world. Each of them would do exactly as Putin does, if he’d have enough power.
The point of all this being that our only defense against the arbitrary is to stop lionizing individuals who act in this manner.
I know it’s hard to do that when their actions coincide with our  short term wishes. It would help to keep in mind that on the longer term their manner of running things will eventually induce terminal fragility into our livelihood.