A young Syrian boy, who drowned in his family’s attempt to reach Greece from Turkey, lies in the surf near Bodrum, Turkey

OK, I’m cool with this idea.
I’m convinced that all media outlets have their own agenda and that sometimes some of them publish a lot of bogus.

But where from do we get our information about what is going on in the world? If we don’t watch TV and we don’t listen to the radio? Does any of you still buy anything that was printed?
From the web? As in what our friends share on FB? Or Instagram? Or wherever?
And where do they get their facts from?

What we get is a ‘double selection’.

First of all each of the media outlets does make a selection from what they have at their disposal and publish only what fits their respective policies. Then come our ‘friends’. What we get is what our friends share from what the media thinks that we might be interested in.

The ideal situation would be for the media to do its job – present something with real meaning – and for our friends to conquer their biases and gouge things reasonably.

Is any of us in this ideal situation?

I’m not. Hence I watch the news. Not on a single channel, of course,
And I strive to make good use of my brain, each time.

” “After it capsized, the family clung to the boat. Mr Abdullah tried to hold his two children and wife with his arm, but one by one they were washed away by waves.” “

Was all of this made up? Was it inflated to grab our attention?
I cannot possibly know for sure.
Fact is that a lot of people are trying to flee from the Middle East.

And that’s the real news. Some of us need to see pictures like the one above in order to get it.
Could this possibly be the reason for which the media sometimes ‘jumps the gun’?