huge errors

a. Asking your broker for advice. If he had any reliable understanding of the market he would have been trading his own money for his own profit, not your money for a lousy commission.

b. That you can buy your way out of every situation you’ve got yourself into. You will, eventually, use all the canned goods and ammo you were able to buy. And no, buying huge amounts of any of them won’t help either. The more goods you have the more ‘attractive’ to the thieves you become so you’ll have to hire a lot of guards. Who, at some point, might decide that they don’t need you to tell them what to do: they have the real power and all that you really have under your ‘command’ is the receipt for the goods. What good will that do for you in a lawless world?

How about becoming your own man? Learn to make your own trading decisions, to grow your own food and to become a person who is respected for his ability to help those around him, not for what he owns. Canned goods, ammo, whatever…