God! Some relate to it as if it were separated from this world. The God from ‘Deus ex Machina’. The Creator who remains outside its Creation.
This benediction is about something totally different.
Here God IS the world itself.
This way each of us is no longer alone but a part of something that is both bigger than the sum of the individuals that compose it and meaningful.

Craig T. Owens

Christus Ravenna MosaicA prayer for all of us…

Go now with God.
Be not tempted to stay in the safety of known places.
Move from where you are to where God points.
Go now with God.
Be not tempted to go only in your time, when it suits, when it is sure,
For now is God’s time.
Go now with God.
Choose not to go alone.
Go in faith that there is no wilderness so vast,
No way so confused,
That God is not already there to show you the way. ―Byzantine Benediction

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