the danger of forcing ideology

Vegans, please do not do this. Cats are not omnivores like us, they are obligate carnivores and cannot survive on a meat-free diet.

Edit: a lot of people commenting on this are arguing that the owners of this cat just “didn’t know what they were doing”, that protein is protein, and that any animal can survive on a vegan diet if done properly. NO. Cats are OBLIGATE CARNIVORES. They will die on a vegan diet. Some animals can do perfectly well on a vegan diet – dogs for example can be fed a vegan diet, if you’re careful. Cats ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT.”

“The owners “didn’t know what they were doing” “?!?
Who prevented them from researching the matter before proceeding?

Somehow I feel this makes a powerful case against “forcing ideologies” on anybody, not just on pets.