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Borderlands: Hungary Maneuvers is republished with permission of Stratfor.”

Horthy and Antonescu, his Romanian counterpart, did some successful balancing during WWII and saved indeed some precious time for the many Jews that happened to live in those two countries. Also, by doing so, they avoided their countries being invaded twice, by both the Germans and the Russians, as Poland and Czechoslovakia were

But, unfortunately,  the longer term results were horrendous.

No, not that what happened in Hungary in 1956 was far worse than the 1968 occupation of Prague or that present day Romania is in a lot worse, economical and political, shape than Poland despite having many more natural resources…

The real problem is that both people lost their self-esteem precisely because they didn’t put up any real resistance against neither of those two aggressors. And this is the explanation for what is going on right now!


PS European Union is not a failure. Yes, sometimes it does appear like one only so did the League of Nations to Hitler. And in the end it was the countries from the old Europe, with some American help, that succeeded in defeating Hitler and containing Stalin, Khrushchev and Brezhnev.