My son:
– How about some fried potatoes?
– You gonna fry them?
– Yep!
– OK, when? I’m starving.
– In a couple of hours… I’m not hungry yet!
My wife:
– Why don’t you fix yourself a snack?

  1. My version of tzatziki:


Lactose free yogurt
Lactose free double cream
Dried mint
Cumin powder
Cardamom powder
Allspice powder
Lemon zest
A touch of vinegar
Grated nutmeg
Olive oil

Paper coffee filter.
Mixing bowl

How to:
Strain full fat lactose yogurt and double cream – two parts yogurt to one part double cream, over night in a cool place.
Transfer the white stuff to a mixing bowl.
Add, to taste, the above mentioned condiments and seasoning.
Mix well. Taste. Improve, if needed.

2. Hors d’oevre du jour


Boiled basmati rice
A small can of mussels in tomato sauce
Some ‘tzatziki’ – see recipe above,
Chopped mint
Chopped red peppers
Olive paste

I used the handle of a tea-spoon to blob tzatziki and olive paste all over the plate.