mowing video games

So what do we have here?
An angry dad tries to cure his 24 years old son, who had never had a job, of his obsession for video games.
Meanwhile some other member of the household (a brother of the ‘video-games maniac’?) videotapes the whole thing (and has a jolly good time while at it). Click on the picture and watch it.

By now most of you have already sided with one of the two protagonists, right?
Are you sure you picked the right side? Well, admitting that the whole thing wasn’t ‘staged’…

First of all let me ask you when did that father find out that his son was so obsessed with gaming? Yesterday? And I don’t think he (the father) is a dimwit, check out his property…
Secondly, what would it be like to live in the same house with someone (a brother?) who acts like the guy who is filming the whole scene… Not the filming part, no, the lack of empathy – remember the chuckles? – is what’s bothering me.
Finally, we have reached the ‘main culprit’. No, he is not without any blame either, contrary to what some of you may think. OK, maybe he plans to become a professional gamer. Yes, there are some people who spend their lives in this manner. With relative success too! But how come his father doesn’t know about that? After all he lives into his father house, eats at his table and is already 24 years old…

Now don’t you think it’s high time for us to stop playing the blame game and to start understanding what’s going on with our youth? After all they didn’t grew up in a vacuum, it’s us who had helped them – in more ways than one – to become what they are now.