Once upon a time, for if it hadn’t taken place people wouldn’t be still mentioning it, things were so similar as to be indistinguishable.

There was no male nor female, no black nor white, no pointed nor flat… everything was so bland as if there was nothing at all.

Until one day. One day when somebody named something for the first time and by doing so brought that something to life while leaving all the rest behind. As if on cue somebody else named something else and then again and again until everything in sight bore a name.

Then people started to speak about what they had seen and about what they were going to do and by doing so they created new realities out of the old, unique, one.
And very seldom these new realities, spoken by various people, resembled one another even if they started from the same point and the speakers themselves were using the same language and belonged to the same ‘species’.