So what do we have here?


135 000, and growing, people gathered to convince a government to take action against an individual who isn’t breaking any law!

Does this seem right to you?
To me it doesn’t!

Let me explain myself. First of all I don’t think that hunting for sport makes any sense. One could stalk wild animals armed with a camera instead of a gun. But this is my opinion and just as I don’t like others to impose their opinions on me I don’t try to impose my opinions on others. So as long as the hunted animals do not belong to any of the endangered species and the hunt is organised legally…
And if my argument seems lame to you what if I start a petition against eating flesh? Or against vegan-ism? Why? Just because I have this notion that eating flesh (or not eating any) is bad for you….and that I have a responsibility to bring you back on the right track!