Yesterday I shared this picture on FB.

One of my friends asked me:
“How do you define “greed”. In the movie “Wall Street” Michael Douglas has this great speech saying that “greed is good” meaning that passion for things in life is good. Where is the line between greed and passion? Does that line look differently depending on where you are in the deal chain?”

This was my answer:
“This one is simple.
If you are willing to do your best in order to get something then you’re passionate ABOUT that something.
If you are ready to ‘step on corpses’ to reach your goal then you are ‘greedy’ FOR that something.”

Another friend commented:
“Well I have a problem with this; the Catholic church is one of, if not the richest organization in the world, how does the pope plan on distributing the assets? The church generally asks for 10% of your income to be ‘donated’; not mandatory but one of the heftiest taxes around. Practice what you preach.”

Me again:
“It seems that Romanians have already solved this conundrum.
We have a saying that goes like this: “Do what the priest says, not what he does!” ”

Thank you guys!